Executive Director

Robert L. Reyna

robert-reynaRobert L. Reyna has over forty years of professional experience working in housing authorities throughout Texas and in California. His experience in affordable housing programs is broad and diverse.

During his 11 year tenure in Beaumont, Mr. Reyna has corrected years of mismanagement and financial problems, which had caused the BHA to go into receivership in 2000. He implemented checks and balances so that future problems could be rapidly identified and immediately corrected.

In 2006, he helped the agency apply for, and receive its first $20 million dollar HOPE VI grant, which later leveraged an additional $34 million additional dollars. This $54 million dollar revitalization project demolished a 50-year old, 195-unit public housing development, and replaced that property with over 400 units of affordable housing. The vast improvements in housing opportunities and accomplishments being achieved at the Beaumont Housing Authority have received local, state and national recognition.

He has created excellent public/private partnerships which have resulted in the construction of new mixed finance developments primarily funded by private investors who purchased over $35 million dollars of Housing Tax Credits which provided funding for these new developments.

Mr. Reyna was recognized for his outstanding leadership in 2009 as Executive Director of the Year by the state chapter of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials. This prestigious recognition is awarded to only one of the over 300 State of Texas Housing Authority Executive Directors each year.

Mr. Reyna is very proud to say that he is a product of the very programs with which he works. He grew up in the Dallas Housing Authority public housing development of Elmer Scott Place from 1958 through 1970. He credits this experience with helping him better understand all sides of issues concerning both staff and residents.

Prior to beginning his housing career, Reyna attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas and St. Mary’s University in San Antonio.